#9 on the list talked about loads with mutual funds every time one buys in. I wonder if that applies to 401Ks each time as well. Do you know? Should I check with our company 401K company?


Yeah, I had to take baby steps because I didn't know anything financially and the industry lingo was like speaking another language that I didn't yet understand. So back in the day, Money and Kiplingers helped me a lot. They were good for my training wheels phase. ha-ha.


There are some 401ks that used to offer loaded funds as well. So you might check. Loaded funds aren't as common these days as they used to be. But I was never a fan of loaded funds. (For those reading this and wondering what we're talking about...it's where the fund charges you a large fee up front).

#10 Get Advice for Less...I think Sean’s advice are priceless