The S&P 500 is now hitting its declining 200-day moving average, while also at the top of its Bollinger Bands, with an overbought RSI and declining MACD Histogram. Further resistance is at around the round number of 2800. So somewhere between here and there, the next sell-off likely starts.

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Bekka made it clear as day on the chart! Thanks.


I echo Bekka's comment


Thanks Sean,

I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you....your putting your clients first, your integrity, your honesty. I am betting that your folks are very proud of you & how you turned out.

Also, I have learned so much! The market was a very attractive beast, with so many unknowns as I did not have a clue how it really really worked. I piled it at the top, got discouraged at the bottom, was always 100% invested, got my head handed to me many times, lost a pile shorting stocks, lost a pile trying to catch a falling knife, etc., etc., etc.

Thank You Sir for the education and your for steady hand at the tiller in these uncertain times.

Best Regards,