This is good information for young people when deciding what major to declare in college or what profession to pursue.

Money isn't the most important thing to everyone in their job, but ranks at the top or near the top in every survey. I changed my major in college when I saw a survey of how much people in my major made.

I was a freshman getting a criminology degree and wanted to become a State Trooper and then on to the FBI. When I found out how much Troopers made, I changed my major to Computer Science and Business Administration.

Out of college, I hired on with EDS (HP eventually bought them) and became a software engineer. That was a good decision for me and eventually led to a career as an executive in IT and then in IT procurement.

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Sean Hyman
Sean Hyman


You've definitely got a business mind, Russ. But I could have seen you being a Trooper and especially FBI. Glad you went the business route though. I think it's utilized your business/financial mind best.