Warning Signs Are Showing Up In the Stock Market. Here's What It Means For You

In this video, I talk about patterns that are showing up in the stock market and what that means for you.

We'll discuss:

  • The patterns I'm seeing on the major stock indexes and what that means
  • The risks that are out there in the market and how I know
  • Where the stock market ultimately goes and why
  • Investor myths
  • Why investors don't recognize a shift in the market until its too late
  • Why you can't get out when you need to...you have to get out when its prudent to do so
  • The difference in the way the "smart money" and "dumb money" thinks
  • How you can think like the "smart money" does

God bless!


Hey Sean, I'm trying to educate my coworkers on this very topic, to help them prepare for the upcoming downturn and am failing miserably. So I've been sending these videos to them. But you know.... you can lead a horse to water.... Iv'e been a long time subscriber and literally feel safe in my investments. Thanks for that. My 20 year old son just came back from Afghanistan and when he started his deployment I purchased a subscription to LI for him. He latched on to it like nothing I've seen before. 20 yo!! When he and I talk to each other this is always a topic of conversation. I feel it's my mission to send people your way. Thank you for your guidance. PT