What the Davos Elite Are Worried About And How It Will Affect You Too!

The Elite of the elite meet in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum. Here's what they're worried about!

In year's past, the elite of the elite (a gathering of just over 3,000 people) would gather in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum (WEC) and talk about things like "global warming" (if you believe in that) and "terrorism, etc. However, this year, they have a very large concern that "hits close to home". It's "the wealth gap".

Oh sure, a wealth gap didn't just occur. There's always been one and always will be one. Why? Some people will consume all of what they make while others will choose to live off of LESS than they make and save and invest the difference. 20-40 years down the road, those people (financially) look very differently than those who just consumed everything that came their way.

Additionally, there are those who gain wealth through taking on greater risks. After all, if you're employed, you are hired today because someone risked their hard-earned capital and did well with it which made them richer, but which also created you a job. So successful entrepreneurs tend to end up with more money than do successful employees.

So there are many legit reasons for a "wealth gap". Again, there's always been one and there always will be. HOWEVER,...today, that wealth gap is likely greater than it's ever been.

After all, Jeff Bezos has become the first ever person to be worth over $100 billion dollars. People thought he was stupid when he left his Wall Street job (employee) to sell books online (entrepreneur/business owner). It' seemed less prestegious and like a "step down". However, in the end, it was a MASSIVE step UP.

Of course you've also heard of companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google which either recently hit $1 trillion in market cap or came close to it. And of course, the CEO's of those companies, have been rewarded handsomely.

So the problem now is not "the wealth gap" but rather "how large/wide it's gotten".

For instance, as the Davos elite are meeting, a report just came out from an international non-profit called Oxfam that showed that the richest 26 people in the world control as much wealth as the poorest HALF of the world. Yep, their collective fortunes rose by an average of $2.5 billion per day in 2018!

There are trends that have spawned the widening of this gap such as globalization and financialization. For instance, you know how over the past two to three decades, products have done from being made in America to made in Asia. Of course, that's widened corporate profits as labor became cheaper and shareholders and it also made C-level executives richer, thus widening the wealth gap.

Then there's the "financialization" that's gone on. This is where the Federal Reserve prints money, in bad times, to prop up the stock market, which again saves the fortunes of the rich (for instance, Jamie Dimon of JP Mogan Chase Bank has more than tripled his net worth since 2009), yet it has ended up doing very little to help those at the very bottom of the totem pole.

In fact, just to drive this point home, here's just a small sampling of the Davos elite showing up at the World Economic Forum this week in Switzerland and how much their net worth has changed in just the last 10 years. (Note: These numbers are in BILLIONS of dollars).

In fact, (not the 1%, but the 0.1%) have seen their net worth's grow from $3.4 trillion in 2009 to $8.9 trillion in 2017!

A recent headline that caught my attention was: " Top U.S. CEOs are paid more than 300 times the wage of a typical worker".

Now, I'll tell ya...I don't have a problem with entrepreneurs getting rich. Why?Because they risked THEIR hard-earned money and when successful, created jobs. So if you work for someone...you work for someone richer than you. And if they weren't, you wouldn't have a job today. So I'm not against prospering or the rich at all. In fact, I'm for you being as rich as you can possibly be (as long as you don't leave God behind and remember to tithe off of your wealth and realize that he's the one that enabled you to get it in the first place).

HOWEVER, with this wealth gap becoming so large...the elite are worried about "an uprising" of the poor and middle class against them. It's why you've probably heard reports of them building hideouts in New Zealand and other places in recent years.

In case you haven't heard...here are just a couple of examples:

Yep, these are the ultimate "Preppers" and they've got the money to have a massive "Plan B" by flying far away, to a rural place and have massive bunkers built in case you and I collectively revolt against them.

Okay, so why should YOU care about this? After all, this sounds like "ultra-elite, rich people problems" right? It is...BUT, rich people problems also have a way to become (to a degree) your problem as well.

For instance, if you were a car worker in Detroit and you saw your plant move to Mexico due to cheap labor, a rich person's problem suddenly became "your problem".

If you're an employee, you may have been "down sized" or your job eliminated in the stock market crashes and economic recessions of 2000 and 2008. These are ways that "ich people problems, suddenly become your problems" too.

But even for the middle class that have 401k's and IRA's that have seen their retirement accounts recover...they've also seen large corporations get bailed out and the Fed come to the rescue of the elite, that didn't necessarily benefit them.

So as this gap widens not only between the ultra-rich and the middle class but even wider between the ultra-rich and the poor (which are huge in number relative to them)...there's going to eventually be a massive revolt!

And guess what? That revolt is going to affect you. It's going to cause increased volatility to your 401k's and IRAs. It could cause long bear markets in stocks, etc. And as this all happens, the level of direction and confidence that you've formerly had in your portfolio will likely dwindle and you see things unfold that you've NEVER seen unfold in your entire life. Will you know what to do? How to handle it and how to position your assets? Most won't!

That's why I'd encourage you to come follow what we're doing here at www.seanhyman.com . This community of investors will be prepared and empowered as I lead them through these treacherous waters that are to come. I'll teach you how to position your assets to benefit from what comes your way.

We don't have to like what's coming down the pike. And we don't have to agree with it...but we certainly have to know how to not only position our assets as to not get hurt by it but also even more so, how to profit from it. This is what professional investors do. They see things coming down the pike. They position themselves and profit from it.

These things are coming...whether you like them or not. The only question is: Will you be prepared for it and profit from it, or will you be a victim of it like so many were in 2000 and 2008?

The time is at hand! The next stock market downturn and recession is likely upon us? Are you ready? Most aren't! Come join us at www.seanhyman.com and please forward this article on your social media pages so we can hep as many people as possible.

God bless!

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