The Logical Investor Newsletter: August 2017

Welcome to the very first monthly issue of the Logical Investor newsletter! Thanks for joining me. I believe that over time, you’ll feel like you’ve gotten the equivalent of a college education in the stock market…in fact, better because they teach you what “in theory” should work and I’ll teach you

what over 25 years of watching financial markets has personally taught me in real life.

You’ll find this to be a no-hype, no-nonsense type of approach that I have. There’s a reason why I didn’t name it the Emotional Investor. That’s how many people invest. They want “excitement”. But we’re not in this for thrills. We’re in this to prudently invest money over time. Yes…over time. It’s a true investing newsletter. So we’ll be holding huge, well capitalized companies typically over two to three years. The market ultimately determines the time we’re in a stock, but you can use this as a general rule.

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