The Logical Investor Newsletter: August 2018

In this monthly issue, I'm going to talk to you about managing your expectations/biases & our new pick!

Right now, we have 11 positions and counting our sold position, we've dealt with 12 stocks so far in this newsletter…

Now...if you were honest with yourself, would you have picked the shoe company, Foot Locker (FL) to be our first major gainer and first sell? I wouldn't have. Obviously, I was bullish on it and it fit my criteria, so we bought. So, I had high expectations for it over time. But if you'd forced me to make a decision on what stock would pop first and give us a quicker return, Foot Locker wouldn't have been among my top choices...yet it happened. And that's why I don't even ask myself which stocks will come out of the gate early and outperform and which ones will not. It's a futile question to ask yourself because as sure as you start cherry picking stocks like that, you'll likely be wrong more than you're right.

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