The Logical Investor Newsletter: January 2019

The 15 people arguably more powerful than Congress or the President, that you don't likely know...

...that to a big degree control the value (purchasing power) of your money, how much money and credit costs, etc. Meet…

Most of these faces below, you wouldn't likely know if you passed them on the street. They look like "everyday people"...kind of harmless looking. However, since they control how much money is in or out of the economy, the cost of that money and credit (through interest rate decisions) and therefore how much inflation rises against you and thus dilutes your purchasing power...I'd say they're a pretty important group that's affecting your daily lives. And yet, (aside from Jerome Powell (aka Jay Powell) the head of the central bank (upper left in the pics below) ...they're the ones that dictate most people's wealth, and therefore dictates much of their lives...and people don't even know it.

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