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**I've mentioned it in our latest weekly video (last week) and I'm mentioning it here too, just to make sure you've got…

Very soon (which is a time-frame that I don't 100% know...but likely weeks to a month), I'll be transitioning away from the Maven as my publisher and I'll be venturing out on my own. Since I don't know jack squat about making a website and hooking up payment processing to it, etc., I'm dependent upon others for that. They're working on all of that as I'm writing this. A lot of it has already been built out, yet with still quite a bit more to get done. I don't have an exact timeline, but I'll be giving further instruction as things get closer. As a teacher, I try to leave "no stone unturned" and try to be very clear. So, I definitely hope to be that way in this transition as I know more. In other words, there will be no guess-work on your part as to what to do.

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