The Logical Investor Weekly Video 04/05/18

Lots of exciting things to discuss in this week's video!

In this video, we'll discuss:

  • Why our Mexican position is likely breaking out now
  • Why our metals position will flourish and why "digital gold" aka bitcoin/crypto-currencies are dead
  • What excites me about our Chinese position
  • Where I see our currency position going near- and long-term.
  • Why I believe our unfilled position still gets filled. But why I don't worry about it if it doesn't.
  • Why I'm excited about our mining position and why the masses are not.
  • Why our South Korean position has MASSIVE potential upside long-term
  • and why its possible that our latest position has already seen its latest long-term bottom and should head higher in the months ahead.
  • As a bonus, I talk about how to invest your 401k/IRA money as the downtrend unfolds and at what levels and I talk about why (like Warren Buffett), I prefer averaging down as opposed to shorting the market, overall.
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