The Logical Investor Weekly Video 06/07/18

In this video, I'll talk about a couple of our stocks that have averaging down opportunities.

I'll also be talking about:

  • Where the U.S. Dollar is heading and how that will likely affect our positions
  • Why the S&P 500 is heading for a crash. Here's more on that:
  • "Sell in May and go away" and why that's a trader's phrase rather than an investor's thinking...yet how it could affect the market in the near- to medium-term.
  • Why our Chinese position is likely ready for lift-off.
  • Why we exited Foot Locker when we did
  • A bullish chart pattern that's showing up on our Mexican position
  • Why news-led investors will typically never be successful long-term in their investing
  • Why a few of our retail stocks are getting ready to take-off
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