The Logical Investor Weekly Video 07/25/19

In this week's video, I talk about the four reasons why the next market sell-off could be worse than some before.

I'll also discuss:

  • Why you have to beat inflation over time
  • Why our big tech stock and latest metal position have soared, don't be surprised if we get volatile pullbacks along the way
  • Hopefully, you got your latest/3rd tranche in our retail stock
  • How church and reading your Bible can help your ability to invest successfully
  • Learning who you are "In Christ" and how it can help you control your thinking and emotions properly
  • Why we may be in our 1st position for a while even though we're up nicely on it.
  • How investors pull the rug out from under themselves (even though they'll blame others for it)
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Sean Hyman
EditorSean Hyman
Sean Hyman
EditorSean Hyman