The Logical Investor Weekly Video 08/22/19

This week, I talk about why I watch the S&P futures and what that tells me.

Additionally, I'll talk about:

  • Why we're SO much better off than the average person's portfolio
  • How metals and cash positions help us
  • How we take advantage of negative media/press and gain from it (like one was bullish on it, yet we made respectable gains from it)
  • Some things that you can watch, if you're an options trader
  • Why we went heavier into metals that we'd normally do
  • Why there's a time to be in metals and a time NOT to be in metals
  • Why sometimes we re-enter a previous stock we've profited from and why sometimes we do not
  • We're seeing proof now that retail is not dead (like the media made it out to be)
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Sean Hyman
EditorSean Hyman