The Logical Investor Weekly Video 09/05/19

This week, I talk about the #1 stumbling block to investors & how you can control it.

I'll also discuss:

  • where metals likely go next and why
  • where the S&P 500 has resistance and where it could go
  • why the market was up today and why it's so unwarranted
  • why the overall market may dictate how long we're in our 1st position
  • why our metals could have some short- to medium-term downside volatility, yet remain in their uptrends
  • why our other holdings are likely in their next push higher, and the proof of that
  • Some price targets that I'm watching, concerning our metals positions
  • why it seems like I instruct one subscriber one way and another yet another way
  • why emotionalism is met with sobering "straight talk"
  • why the "tougher talk" is still looking out for you
  • when some of my own subscribers are most likely to fall into the ditch. How you can recognize it and avoid it
  • Determine if you're in Group 1, 2 or 3 and if you're one of the latter what you'll choose to do about it
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Sean Hyman
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Sean Hyman
EditorSean Hyman