The Logical Investor Weekly Video 10/11/18

Lots of wisdom in this video. It's longer, but don't miss it. Lots of ground will be covered.

For instance, I'll be talking about:

  • I was wrong on one point in the video. Our last pick DOES have two averaging down points: Potential averaging down points are in the $128-$130ish area and in the $106-$110ish area.
  • The Dow shedding 1300+ points over the last two days and where we go from here
  • What's going on with the dollar
  • Two of our stocks that were up around 6% today
  • The position we just took profits on
  • Why it behooves you to peruse the site at least once each weekday
  • Why only coming to the site periodically could cost you a lot of dollars, potentially
  • Proof that the big money is heading into some of our stocks (huge buying volume spikes on the charts)
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