The Logical Investor Weekly Video 10/24/19

In this week's video, I talk about why our metals positions are poised to rally soon!

I'll also discuss:

  • The email or phone number you'll need to cancel your Maven subscription once we switch to the new site
  • Always use as the site address and you'll always be on the correct site, whether the old or new site
  • The concerning patterns I'm seeing in the S&P 500 on its weekly and daily charts.
  • Why we don't have to know the day-by-day ins-and-outs with British politics, as it concerns our currency ETF
  • How long-term downtrends can even stay intact and us still make market-beating returns
  • What someone is focusing on when they get emotional with their stocks rather than remaining logical
  • Two stocks that we may get out of once we're slightly positive on, and why
  • How some stocks can lose, some be breakeven and yet still win overall in your portfolio
  • How to set your expectation properly and thus avoid frustration
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Sean Hyman
EditorSean Hyman
Sean Hyman
EditorSean Hyman