The Logical Investor Weekly Video 11/14/19

This week, I talk about how the transition is coming, how to avoid bubbles & why fundamentals are SO important!

I'll also discuss:

  • Why I believe our metals positions are poised to soar over the coming weeks to months
  • Why some of the most hated areas of the market, that we're in, are poised to do so well
  • The really nice returns we could have off of our latest two picks
  • Why you need to write down the phone number & email of the Maven now.
  • Why I can sleep like a baby at night with our positions, whether they are volatile or go up or down on us, near-term.
  • Our foundation to our system and why it's vital
  • Why, if you're not reading each newsletter and listening/watching each video, you're just gypping yourself.
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