The Logical Investor Weekly Video 11/26/19

This week, I talk about what could move the oil market soon and why our retail stock is doing so well.

I'll also talk about:

  • Why metals have likely kicked off their next leg up and why they should do well for us.
  • How the OPEC meeting could affect our oil positions
  • Why, either way oil moves, we can win
  • How we can make market beating returns and the stock never even have to uptrend
  • Why we could be seeing a double bottom and a triple bottom. Time will tell.
  • Why we should vocalize our thankfulness to others.
  • I'll be traveling to Arkansas to see some relatives soon. So I'll be in and out of the site here and there throughout that time.
  • Feel free to post over the holiday even if it may be after it before I get back to you.
  • How you could have some breakthrough even with people you don't normally get along with, this holiday.
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Sean Hyman
EditorSean Hyman
Sean Hyman
EditorSean Hyman