The Logical Investor Weekly Video 11/29/18

For those who recently joined us, make sure not to miss this very important video.

We had a number of people join us on the Cyber Monday special, so I start off this video with a quick review of the siteā€¦

  • The risks that are unfolding in the broader markets
  • The upcoming newsletter, out tomorrow
  • Why the overall market appears (to novices) to be a value, when it's actually far from it
  • How far the market likely drops (minimally)
  • Why our first pick is the best place for new subscribers to start, along with our high dividend yielders that are under our buy-at-or-under price
  • How near-term news events give us great averaging down opportunities on great companies
  • How markets tend to overly punish stocks near bottoms and overly reward them near tops
  • the average holding period for our stocks, why that's quicker than typical and why it takes a while to make a profit
  • How real-world investing looks nothing like what's promoted on financial TV
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Sean Hyman
EditorSean Hyman