The Logical Investor Weekly Video 12/20/18

The MOST important video I've produced all year. It's crucial that you listen to it in full.

There's never been more of an important time than NOW to listen to a weekly video. Why?

  • I talk about the bear market in stocks
  • How long it could last
  • Where the S&P 500 could drop to
  • Where oil likely goes
  • What the dollar is going to do and how that benefits some of our positions
  • How crucial it is to truly understand averaging down
  • How, in bear markets, the good stocks get sold off with the bad
  • A POTENTIAL buy pick that we get could get into that could come IN BETWEEN monthly newsletters and why
  • How important is is for you to read (and maybe re-read) our last monthly newsletter
  • Why you should watch my recent video on bear markets
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Sean Hyman
EditorSean Hyman
Sean Hyman
EditorSean Hyman