The Logical Investor Weekly Video 7/12/18

If you've missed any weekly video in the past MAKE SURE you don't miss this one!

This videos is a bit longer than others, but it's not full of fluff. It's full of vital thinking for the investor.…

  • The thinking behind value investing vs. momentum investing
  • The problems with momentum investing
  • Why you'll always be in the minority, as a value investor
  • In value investing, why you'll see a lot of red near-term, yet even more green long-term
  • If these two things never happened, there would never be value to be had
  • What averaging down solves for us and why we leave room to average down
  • Why volatility means nothing to the true investor. Yet, while there's volatility in the market right now
  • Why momentum investing (which is really speculating) requires a "greater fool".
  • Why some of my subscribers won't choose to listen and become successful in their investing
  • Why near-term stock movements mean very little
  • Why the stock market is the worst place to be for "entertainment".
  • Why past performance of a stock (or mutual fund manager, for that matter) has very little to do with the future performance
  • My near-term thoughts on oil
  • The biggest challenge you'll face as a value investor...and even as an investor, period.
  • When people say, "I don't have the time"'s what they're really saying.
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