The Logical Investor Weekly Video 8/29/18

I'm releasing the weekly video early this week so I can focus on the monthly newsletter.

In this video, you'll learn:

  • Where we're likely at in the progression of the S&P 500, Elliott Wave-wise
  • How to set your notifications to where you get emailed when I post
  • Why tweaking (adding to OR taking away from) our system is a bad idea
  • Where the dollar likely heads next and how that benefits our positions
  • Some of our positions are breaking higher out of their a-b-c corrections
  • One of our positions just hit a 52-week high. Where it likely goes next.
  • Why the deal Trump made with Mexico should aid one of our positions in going higher over time.
  • Why a position that scared some subscribers the most could be one of their greatest gainers over time
  • Why you can never listen to the media for an indication of whether to buy or sell
  • Why the best buying opportunities are when the sentiment and news are both still very bad
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