Will you update us re: cig, dba,pbr,vale, do,mbt, & rig? We’ve had them for a while & would love to understand where these sectors are headed, why we hang on to them and for how much longer do you think?

Hi Sean, since I wasn’t subscribed to AP, wondering what tour entry price was for ECA?


$18.05 but many people have averaged down over time as it dipped to $2.96 before beginning its uptrend. So with averaging downs considered, some people are already out of it with their profit while those who haven't averaged down at all will still be waiting a bit longer to capture their profit. It's why the averaging down concept is so crucial.

So, I went in on 12/18 and got out on 1/2. I made 20.5%🙏


Awesome! Glad to hear that!