TEVA showing more technical signs of life:


Yeah, Buffett investing in it and then investing more into it has more people pouring into the investment mainly based off of him going into it.

It was disappointing when TEVA had major pull back a few months back, especially when I got in at $31. However averaged down when it was on the mid teens so excited to know that is starting to be profitable. Thanks for your guidance.

You're welcome. Yes, no one knows if they're near bottom when they buy. They just know their chances of being nearer are greatest when the stock has already been pummeled a good bit AND trades at a value P/E. Yet, it's why we invest in 1/3rds because it gives us a couple of averaging down points in addition to our original buy-in point. Listen to this clip from Warren Buffett and you won't be disappointed when your stocks go down.