Which were your best investment ideas in 2017 (bullish, bearish)?

Best bullish and bearish ideas in 2017.

One long idea and one short idea.

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Value Digger


Frankly speaking, I had many picks that made high returns in 2017. For reference, my best bearish idea was Westmoreland Coal (WLB). I wrote a bearish article on SA in May 2017 when WLB was at $11.30 and WLB currently stands at about $1.30. Those who bought puts, made a 800%+ return in less than six months. One of my most successful bullish ideas this year was Innovative Food (IVFH). I wrote a bullish article on SA in July 2017 when IVFH was at $0.67 and IVFH currently stands at approximately $1.35, which is a 110% return in less than six months.