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First, it was Long Island Iced Tea (LTEA). Then, Pareteum (TEUM) and Riot Blockchain (RIOT) joined the club.

India Globalization Capital (IGC) followed them by saying in a recent press release that it would "leverage its existing team of technology and healthcare experts to develop methods utilizing blockchain in areas such as product identification assurance."

And MassRoots (MSRT) is the latest company that joins the Blockhain party. MSRT announced this morning that it formed the MassRoots Blockchain Technologies subsidiary to developing blockchain-based solutions for the cannabis industry:

"We believe blockchain has the potential to enable the cannabis industry to operate more efficiently and with a greater degree of accountability and transparency," says MassRoots CEO Isaac Dietrich.

As a result, all these stocks have soared since the companies announced that they are adopting Bitcoin's underlying technology (the Blockchain).

But if you check their fundamentals, you will definitely steer clear of them. Frankly speaking, I will not touch any of them with a ten-foot pole. None of them are for experienced value investors.

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The financial services industry can transform itself around blockchain technology, if it can find the leadership to do it.