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Welcome to The Alpha Discoverer by Value Digger*.*

In addition to our General and Ask rooms, which will remain free, The Alpha Discoverer also offers a Premium membership (click here for a preview and to join) which is unlike any other trading service and investment newsletter you’ve probably ever come across.

The Premium section is the place where Value Digger and his team of industry-leading analysts with more than 80 years of combined investing experiencego against the grain and repeatedly discover disconnects in a range of industry sectors.

The Premium section is the place where Value Digger and his team of industry experts prove that you don't need the use of options, futures, forex, covered calls or risky trading strategies to make money in the stock markets.

The Premium section is the place where Value Digger and his team of industry experts provide fact-based analysis, separate the wheat from the chaff, uncover hidden gems poised for big returns and help you save countless hours of research.

Me and my team talk to the management teams of the companies we are invested in.

Me and my team talk to analysts, fund managers and consultants to find out everything we can about a management team and their assets.

Me and my team distill at the end of the day all the research down into key, actionable insights that help our subscribers make money.

Specifically, the highlights of your Premium membership are:

1) We have created an actively-managed, high-return Portfolio. Specifically, our Portfolio is a One-Stop Shop that consists of undervalued value stocks that have the potential for significant capital appreciation based on a 12 month investment horizon and high-yield dividend stocks (>8%) that also have the potential for moderate capital appreciation based on a 12 month investment horizon.

Frankly speaking, the annualized return per value stock can potentially reach or exceed 100%. Please check the last paragraph.

2) We are unconventional value investors and our Premium Picks are painstakingly hand-picked from thousands of companies in the U.S. and Canada. We don't recommend popular mainstream stocks such as KMI, NOV, CAT, GPRO, SDRL, JNJ, GILD, M and JCP, to name a few.

And we don't care for the popular mainstream stocks because these stocks are so well covered. Actually, they are over-analyzed, which leads to pricing efficiencies.

Instead, we like shining our flashlight in the dark corners of the market, we like digging up obscure stocks that are unknown to many analysts and our returns to-date speak volumes.

3) All stocks are associated with a risk factor. And when it comes to investing, risk matters. We have been in the stock markets for 30 years and we have experienced many corrections, recessions and crashes, so history has taught us a lot. As such, extreme caution and discipline along with thematic investing and well-selected picks are necessary in this stock picker's market. Complacency is a killer.

Meanwhile, market declines are inevitable and we want to avoid bad moods when stock markets drop. This is why, we don't take Portfolio risk lightly and we try to minimize it. Actually, we emphasize on the risk factor, because it's very easy to recommend stocks. Everybody can do it as there are numerous stocks out there. However, the canny and knowledgeable investors don't chase high returns while ignoring the risk primarily associated with the company's leverage. They chase significant returns while taking low risk by investing in debt-free or low leverage stocks from specific sectors (thematic investing).

As a result, the vast majority of our Premium Picks are debt-free or low leverage stocks from specific sectors because we believe that they have low risk if you buy them within the recommended price range while also having a 12 month investment horizon.

4) To get an idea about our successful calls in 2017, please check our bearish article here on Westmoreland Coal (WLB) at $11.30 in May 2017 and our bullish article here on Innovative Food (IVFH) at $0.60 in July 2017.

As forecast in our articles, WLB filed for bankruptcy in early 2018 while IVFH surpassed $1.20 and therefore, investors made from 110% up to 800% from these calls in less than 6 months.


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