EXPERT SERIES Podcast, Martin Chorzempa - China’s Social Credit System, part 1


For a deep dive into China’s Social Credit System, we will have a two-part discussion with two leading think tank fellows on the subject. For the opening part, we hosted Martin Chorzempa, Research Fellow at the Peterson Institute. Martin is an expert in financial innovation and specializes on developments in China. For part two, we will welcome Samm Sacks, Senior Fellow at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies. Samm researches innovation, cyber security, and emerging information and communication tech, with a focus on China.

For part 1, Martin Chorzempa discusses what a Social Credit System is, why the Chinese government needs to resort to such a rigorous method, deemed an all-seeing panopticon – a surveillance system that automatically punishes everyone that does not fall into line - by local media, to govern its people, and the challenges and dangers that come with implementing and running the Social Credit System.


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