EXPERT SERIES Podcast, Jacob Kirkegaard - Brexit Update


(this podcast was sent to clients on October 17th)

Regular Expert Series contributor, Jacob Kirkegaard returns for his assessment of a vital week in Brexit negotiation. Jacob has reinforced my thinking that the prevailing situation for the UK is migrating from a slow moving train wreck to something more urgent. This interview was conducted the morning of October 17th, the day of the EU leaders meeting in Brussels, the day we were meant to get confirmation of a final deal. This is clearly not the case. Jacob walks through scenarios for the next few months which he believes ends with financial market pressures leading to the UK capitulating, the government of Mrs. May eventually falling and the Conservative Party in tatters. He advocates a Norway style deal, something I disagree with, as the chance of a no deal Brexit are rising exponentially. The outlook for the pound is a dire one, especially with the growing inevitability of an early election and a win for Jeremy Corbyn.


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