EXPERT SERIES Podcast, Robert Ciemniak - China Housing: Three Games


For an update on the latest developments in the Chinese housing market, Paul welcomed back Robert Ciemniak. Robert is the CEO of Real Estate Foresight, who provide the most granular independent research on China housing markets. They apply advanced data analytics tools and combine data science and technology with on-the-ground research, with a track record in accurately forecasting the Chinese housing markets.

Todays discussion revolves around the three major narratives that can be observed in the housing market today, or as Robert calls it; The Three Games. The first game is the Whack-a-Mole policy of smoothing out prices across China, second is the deleveraging effort and the problems that causes for smaller developers and the market, and the third game is the evolving theme of the growing numbers of rental properties and the effect that has on the market.


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