Goldman's Peter Oppenheimer - Bear Necessities [podcast]


Peter Oppenheimer, chief global equity strategist for Goldman Sachs Research, discusses why identifying the peak may be less important than recognizing a bear market once it starts, and what history can tell us about the types and tenures of these declines.

Insightful 25 minute podcast, in which Oppenheimer is asked to elaborate on his 'Bear Necessities' piece. HE tells investors what to look out for, and what the possible trigger for the next bear market could be.

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Peter Oppenheimer is an excellent equity analyst and from next year, Goldman's clients will likely spend $5,000 for an hour of his time. This podcast is free and it really is excellent value - Peter has classified bear markets into three types and it's an excellent exposition. This week's AAII Bull-bear sentiment hit a new record, so this podcast will likely attract a wide audience.

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