Podcast: Next Uranium bull market imminent?

Brandon Munro | Investor Interest Returns to the Uranium Market
Brandon Munro | Investor Interest Returns to the Uranium Market

This interview is all about uranium investing. Brandon Munro gives an overview of the current state of the uranium market and the increased investor interest...


Brandon Munro, CEO of Uranium developer Bannerman, presents the case for the next Uranium boom. Several analysts and writers have come out recently (Katusa, Rule, etc.) and suggested that Uranium is about to pop again, but I think Munro gives a very eloquent overview of why the next uranium bull market is imminent.

Topic discussed

  • 0:05 Introductions of topic and guest
  • 2:30 Overview of Bannerman Resources
  • 4:58 Overview of current uranium market
  • 16:11 Main driver of uranium bull market: supply destruction or demand creation?
  • 17:29 What caused uranium’s parabolic rise from 2005-2007?
  • 20:59 Could thorium replace uranium as a primary base load source of power?
  • 23:46 Are there any other electricity-generating methods could dramatically reduce or eliminate Uranium demand in the next 10-15 years?
  • 26:16 Answering an analyst’s argument against investing in uranium miners now
  • 29:20 Is not there 5yrs of uranium above-ground supply to keep the spot price suppressed?
  • 33:02 Isn’t uranium socially unacceptable?
  • 34:40 Projected growth of the uranium market ​

(I own several Uranium related stocks, including the aforementioned Bannerman.)


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