Public opinion is swinging against tech monopolies

The battle between technology monopolies and governments has only just begun. This is not designed to stifle innovation, but to make sure that the interests of citizens and the profit motive of these companies are aligned.

This video goes with a report we did last week on the tech behemoths, which can be found here

Paul Krake

Founder, View from the Peak

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Paul Krake
Paul Krake


This was one of my most widely read reports. I didn't think I my arguments were that extreme but my discussions with clients revealed that folks aren't really thinking about the possibility of the break up of the likes of Alphabet, Facebook or Amazon. What would it look like? I haven't got a clue because how do you, for example split or firewall the data? However, just because it is tough doesn't mean it a) isn't necessary or b) won't happen