Watch: Mindblowing tech by CTRL Labs - Use nervous system to control tech

CTRL Labs Oreilly Demo
CTRL Labs Oreilly Demo


Awesome new tech by CTRL labs. Their tech, in a bracelet for now, can decode just from the nerve itself what you want your hand to do. It picks up, reads, and translates, from your nerves and muscles, the signals your brain sends to your hands. It won't be long until they can read the signals (our intentions!) right from the brain - Mind Control !

With this you can do an endless amount of things. Josh Wolfe of Lux Capital, one of the companies providing funding to CTRL explains;

Here’s how it works. A small band worn around your arm sensitively detects waves of neurons firing, and like software detecting the soundprint of a song in Shazam it turns it into a series of 0s and 1s. From those signals you can use machine learning and predict that when that signal spikes, you are moving one finger or two or your entire hand and precisely how you are moving it. Without a glove you can turn your hand into a universal controller, mapping controls and commands to simple gestures. Imagine typing in free space without a keyboard, tapping two fingers to turn on Sonos, flicking a pinky to switch songs, making a tiny motion with your index finger to make the volume louder or softer. You don’t need a screen, a keyboard, a mouse, a switch — just your body.

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