Watch - Prof Galloway discusses regulatory challenges of StartUps with Brad Tusk

Prof G Meets the Fixer
Prof G Meets the Fixer

Scott discusses venture capital, regulation, big tech, and cannabis delivery with Bradley Tusk, author of The Fixer. Song "Plastic Love" by 竹内 まりや Mariya Tak...


Scott Galloway interviews Bradley Tusk, CEO of Tusk Ventures. Tusk invests in and works with start-up start-ups in regulated industries. His first big challenge and victory was when he invested in Uber, and helped making ride-sharing legal, and subsequently stopped it from being squashed by Mayor De Blasio of NYC. He's currently also invested in Bird, Coinbase, Circle, Lemonade, Fanduel and several more companies. Tusk brings these companies expertise in how to prepare for and overcome the regulatory hurdles they face.


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