Weekend Homework, 12 January

Paul Krake

Welcome to the latest edition of Weekend Homework, a summary of the most interesting articles, reports, podcasts and videos that we came across this week. These pieces made us reassess, challenged our conventional thinking or opened our eyes to a new idea or concept.

What to watch

New year, same economy? View from the Peak’s Founder, Paul Krake has some important take-aways from the year’s first Flagship report, titled The Status Quo. As Q1 kicks off with a bang, Paul signals short-term dips, discusses key risk factors to watch for, and presents his overall asset strategy for 2018. - Watch

View from the Peak's Head of Pan-Asian Equity Strategy, Cindy Ponder-Budd breaks down the status of steel trade between China and the United States and warns of news ahead in the coming weeks. - Watch

What to read

We have been focused on the potential for antitrust action against the major technology companies. Brookings examines the recent interest in these issues and how antitrust can be used and in today's economy. - Read

Expert Series guest, Martin Chorzempa from the Peterson Institute describes how the Chinese government is clamping down on internet finance. Martin will join us again later this month to share his views on bitcoin. - Read

What to listen to

The View from the Peak Expert Series hosted Saul Eslake to discuss the 2018 Australian economic outlook. Saul is our go-to-economist for all things Australia and New Zealand, and his calm perspective on the Australian economy, especially the housing market, was a highlight of our 2017 Expert Series. - Listen

For this edition of Expert Series, Paul hosted David Stockton, Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute and Chief Economist at LH Meyer. David is the former Chief Economist at the US Federal Reserve and a great friend of View from the Peak. David gave his outlook for the US Economy for 2018. - Listen


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