Weekend Homework, 20 October

Paul Krake

Welcome to the latest edition of Weekend Homework, a summary of the most interesting articles, reports, podcasts and videos that we came across this week. They will include not only our proprietary work but also contributions from our Expert Series partners in their day jobs at some of the world’s leading think tanks and other thought provoking work. These pieces made us reassess, challenged our conventional thinking or opened our eyes to a new idea or concept. These are designed to get your mind away from the here and now, and to focus on big picture notions. Many of these are longer form that can be appreciated when you have a little down time. Please enjoy them as much as we did.


What to watch

This week, CSIS hosted an event with U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who discussed the future of US-India relations. His prepared remarks reflect a relationship that is strong and growing with more cooperation on trade, defense and counter-terrorism. He stresses the importance of building ties with the world's largest democracy and has some harsh words for China and their involvement in the South China Seas. - Watch

This week, investor attention will be focused on the headlines from the National People’s Congress which starts on Wednesday. One sector that could be impacted by the personnel appointments and policies that emerge from the event are the Chinese banks. Here are Cindy’s thoughts - Here are Cindy’s thoughts. - Watch

What to read

During my conversation with Sheila Smith, senior fellow of Japan studies at the Council on Foreign Relations about the Japan election, she mentioned this survey from Pew Research. The Japanese are getting more concerned about North Korea, their relationship with the US and cyber security. A window into Japanese thinking about their leadership and society. – Read

Henry McVey and KKR's global macro team does a deep dive on the investment opportunity in Asia - seeing the region as a compelling play on some of their core investment thematics. – Read

Here is a copy of last week’s flagship report where I discuss a couple of quirky things that I am thinking about. You can call them outlier events if you want. The outlook for Alibaba to become a State-Owned Enterprise, Facebook getting broken up and some thoughts on the failure of US tax reform. - Read

Many of you know of my obsession with driverless cars. The Brookings Institute presents an insightful overview on the landscape for autonomous vehicles and its importance for AI research and development. "If 2016 was a tipping point for investment in self-driving cars, 2017 could turn out to be a tipping point for investment in artificial intelligence more generally." An interesting read for those interested in the groups and technologies involved in AV. - Read


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