WEEKEND HOMEWORK - April 27, 2018

Paul Krake

Welcome to the latest edition of Weekend Homework, a summary of the most interesting articles, reports, podcasts and videos that we came across this week. These pieces made us reassess, challenged our conventional thinking or opened our eyes to a new idea or concept.


WATCH: EQUITIES UPDATE: Cindy discusses TSMC’s earnings results and why we are still bullish on the semiconductor sector.

WATCH: Macro Trader gone Crypto, Dan Morehead of Pantera Capital, gives great insights into running a Crypto Hedge Fund. They manage about a billion dollars. He discusses how his returns correlate with Bitcoin, the possibilities of shorting crypto currencies, and how do deal with the small float but high volumes. He also notes that the flagship fund is exclusively machine-learning algorithmic, is very bullish on the space on a 10-year view, and how and where he's allocated.


READ: JOHN MASON: Economic growth and the new age of global enlightenment. Friend of the Peak John Mason on why economic growth depends on the sharing and creation of new information.

READ: PAUL KRAKE on China, and President Xi, who is now leader for life. Much has been written about this, so I will not elaborate on the long-term consequence, but I do want to bring up one key point. President Xi’s policy agenda will get implemented. The only question that we need to ask is; will it work?

READ: Over the next 7 days, several very important numbers on the US Economy will be printed. Among others, several indicators of inflation will be released. Will the Fed finally see their beloved 2% inflation number appear on their screens? We give an overview of these indicators, and where possible the expected direction.


​LISTEN: Prof Scott Galloway - The next industry that is ripe for disruption; Groceries. The US has been a slow mover to online groceries shopping compared to other countries but is catching up fast. The online groceries market will grow to a 100 bln dollars over the next several years.

LISTEN: The latest edition of Goldman Sachs' Exchanges podcast presents an insightful and thoughtful analysis and discussion on the long-term viability of bitcoin and other first-generation cryptocurrencies.


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