Weekend Homework, October 13th 2017

Rupert Mitchell

What to watch

The Peterson Institute have put together another fantastic collaboration with Expert Guest, David Stockton, and his colleagues presenting their fall Economic Outlook. To make it easier for everyone, David's discussion on the US economy commences at 6:45 and Nicholas Lardy’s thoughts on Chinese Financial Risks starts 29:45. Slides included- Watch

Axios' Mike Allen's interview with Sheryl Sandberg on Thursday was essential viewing. We have been writing a lot about the growing political and regulatory pressures facing large cap tech. This 30-minute interview is a good warm up for the Congressional hearings to come. - Watch

What to read

Gavyn Davies' Blog in the Financial Times was a fantastic synopsis of the candidates to replace Mrs. Yellen as the Chair of the Federal Reserve. He does his best to handicap their policy views and this should be your reference guide for any potential policy changes in 2018– Read

The Council on Foreign Relations has compiled an interesting piece on the state of US infrastructure. With budget and tax reform taking longer than expected, infrastructure will most likely not be addressed until next year, but the need is critical. Great stats. – Read

William Carter, a fellow at CSIS, writes frequent pieces about AI and their impact on the political economy. In this article, he stresses the need for the U.S. to have an industrial Artificial Intelligence strategy to meet the challenges of China's recent policy directive to become the global leader in AI. - Read

What to listen to

Tim Ferriss talks to Sir Richard Branson. Enough said!!!! - Listen

Squaring the circle between the great work of our good friend David Stockton and assessing the candidates for the Fed Chair, here is an interview I did earlier this year with David on his views about the next leader of the Federal Reserve. His comments are as relevant as ever. - Listen


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