What can we learn from the Qualcomm 5G day?



Jeremy Horowitz from Venturebeat wrote two great articles today, lining out what Qualcomm presented on their 5G day. One article highlights the phone makers and carriers Qualcomm signed up for the global 5G launches in 2019. A second article, from which the following 10 points come from, describes the things you should know about the future of cellular networking.

5G is real, and coming sooner than you think

Speed and reliability will be 5G’s big selling points

New use cases will excite a lot of people

Early 5G devices will probably experience excessive battery drain

Expect some early (and maybe later) 5G devices to suffer ‘Antennagates’

Apple isn’t on board yet, but can it afford not to be?

Qualcomm’s performance lead could be considerable — or nothing

Your relationship with social networks and the cloud could change

5G will be more ubiquitous, but 4G will expand, too

Global vs. regional design hasn’t been settled

Find much more detail in the articles here ​




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